Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What to have in your pencil case 2016!♥

It's only 8/9 weeks until summer holiday (yesss!) however that also means...EXAMS! I absolutely hate this time because i can't wait for the summer but then we have exams, Great. Last week i came back home and as i was about to do my homework...all my pens disappeared. I guess its that tine again when your back to school supplies go missing.. yep..every year! So i've made up some things you should keep in school! 

Pencil Case♥
I got mine from asda, for £3 reasonible price, they have cute designs and are quite big, would reccomend if you're in secondary school. or if you're a girl you can get a makeup bag, some girls have huge ones but if you're like me, i preffer to keep a makeupbag seperate from my pencil case

I chose the papermate mechanical pencils and these cool times tables. I highly reccomend the mechanical ones, the cost £2.50 for a pack of 10 or 20 i can't remember, and are assorted colours, very inexpensive and very good quality, For pens i chose a basic tesco fountain pen and some basic ballpoint pens, red, blue and black,

I just got whatever i had in my drawer, so yu have to have a ruler, protractor, sharpener, rubber and sissors and glue, i also keep fountian bullets for my fountain pens, again inexpensive so if save you approx. £2.00 for a pac of 20 instead of £4.00 from WHSmith

ALWAYS! highlight anything* that will be important, saves so much time just to read a sentence than a whole paragraph, These were only £5 for a pack of 2, i chose better quality because i do ALOT of highlighting. But a pack of 6 can cost you £1 from wilko or tesco.

Colourful Pens♥
I have tried this and i make my work colourful, this is a alternative to highlighters instead of a chubby stick, i chose ballpoint pens, I got these for £2 from tesco, Unfortuanlly soon after i got these, they were discontinued :( Will miss these alot! They save so much time and they are quite inexpensive, alternatives from wilko and tesco etc.

Coloured Pencils♥
I rarely use coloured pencils but i tend to put these in my bag just in case, in a small wilko tin, just sits in my bag. I like to use berol verithin as they as super pigmented and soft to use, they cost £4 for just a pack but cheaper ones will do! They are just as good and cost you alot less.

If you're in sixth form or college this will become helpful for you, a binder stores you all your work and keeps it neat and tidy, i've found these cool binder wallets from staples i think it was, you can put notices in it and it will be all nice and preety. Never forget anything.

These are my supplies, Note: I haven't bought anything just found these around my house, Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more

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