Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What to have in your pencil case 2016!♥

It's only 8/9 weeks until summer holiday (yesss!) however that also means...EXAMS! I absolutely hate this time because i can't wait for the summer but then we have exams, Great. Last week i came back home and as i was about to do my homework...all my pens disappeared. I guess its that tine again when your back to school supplies go missing.. yep..every year! So i've made up some things you should keep in school! 

Pencil Case♥
I got mine from asda, for £3 reasonible price, they have cute designs and are quite big, would reccomend if you're in secondary school. or if you're a girl you can get a makeup bag, some girls have huge ones but if you're like me, i preffer to keep a makeupbag seperate from my pencil case

I chose the papermate mechanical pencils and these cool times tables. I highly reccomend the mechanical ones, the cost £2.50 for a pack of 10 or 20 i can't remember, and are assorted colours, very inexpensive and very good quality, For pens i chose a basic tesco fountain pen and some basic ballpoint pens, red, blue and black,

I just got whatever i had in my drawer, so yu have to have a ruler, protractor, sharpener, rubber and sissors and glue, i also keep fountian bullets for my fountain pens, again inexpensive so if save you approx. £2.00 for a pac of 20 instead of £4.00 from WHSmith

ALWAYS! highlight anything* that will be important, saves so much time just to read a sentence than a whole paragraph, These were only £5 for a pack of 2, i chose better quality because i do ALOT of highlighting. But a pack of 6 can cost you £1 from wilko or tesco.

Colourful Pens♥
I have tried this and i make my work colourful, this is a alternative to highlighters instead of a chubby stick, i chose ballpoint pens, I got these for £2 from tesco, Unfortuanlly soon after i got these, they were discontinued :( Will miss these alot! They save so much time and they are quite inexpensive, alternatives from wilko and tesco etc.

Coloured Pencils♥
I rarely use coloured pencils but i tend to put these in my bag just in case, in a small wilko tin, just sits in my bag. I like to use berol verithin as they as super pigmented and soft to use, they cost £4 for just a pack but cheaper ones will do! They are just as good and cost you alot less.

If you're in sixth form or college this will become helpful for you, a binder stores you all your work and keeps it neat and tidy, i've found these cool binder wallets from staples i think it was, you can put notices in it and it will be all nice and preety. Never forget anything.

These are my supplies, Note: I haven't bought anything just found these around my house, Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more

Monday, 2 May 2016


I usually go through a foundation in 1 to 2 months, i don't need very high coverage as im still in school. I've been using the W7 Photo shoop foundation in the shade buff and it's done such a good job, however it come with it's price and doesn't last very long considering it doesn't ave a pump (sad face) I've tried rimmel London wake me up in true ivory (too dark for me) and ivory (too light) which was disappointing ! (and for 8.99 wasn't worth my price and kind of faded when i wore it to school) maybe it's my skin but my friend's have said it was alright. (3.5/5 stars) My mum used to have boujour healthy mix and it was increadible however it is £10 (Don't fancy spending a tenner on foundation alone). It is good quality so it does deserve the price but the price alone isn't very good. Considering you can get MAC for £20 and they have professional makeup. TIP- If you want your foundation to last longer, dip your pinkie (small finger) in the bottle and place it on your face ONLY WHERE YOU ACTUALLY NEED IT, If you over do it ( I used to) It will become cakey and 'fake looking'.

Powder is supposed to just oil-free your face so i have been using my powder, Collection Pressed powder in the shade, 003 Translucent (Yellowish base) and Candlelight (Porcelain/Light Ivory) and they have lasted me for A YEAR EACH!! I only put powder to set my condealer and under my eyes for a small highlight (Candlelight for that) and on my forehead and chin to matte-ify the foundation, TIP- DONT OVER-DO IT. IT WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A DRAG QUEEN, I'VE DONE THAT AND I'VE LEARNT FROM MY LESSON.

My favorite makeup product! I really really love dark red lipsticks (Check out my lipsticks post it has dupes for expensive products) My Post Here<. If you want that rich looking lipstick , Matte and full, don't bother buying a matte lipstick, they can be from £5 to a whopping £40 Tom Ford lipstick. No need for that! Grab your regualr lipstick and some translucent powder, (collection in 001)
pat some onto your lips, and then do that thing when you press your lips together and Voila! Matte Lipstick Hack!

These are just some of my Hacks, I'll be updating soon! xoxoxoxox

Sunday, 1 May 2016


I absolutely LOVE celebrity style, and im always on the hunt for some new bits and bobs to pop into my warderobe, I've been liking Kylie Jenner street style so i've picked out some under £30 outfit and you can dress like a celebrity now! (everyone likes abit of glam, here and then) Here are some high street stores that can dress you like a celebrity!

This outfit is probally around the £1500 mark, I would never even dream of even spending that much one outfit itself, so you can get yours for just £100, (obviously for a full outfit, but you can always use thoes clothes for other outfits aswell!) always try to save money and warderobe space!

Here's a dupe/alternative of the outfit, preety similar honestly, there's here are the links for the outfit.

Lipsticks and DUPES♥

Spring is here...but the weather in the UK here is definitely is not showing it! I've been really really really LOVING dark red lipsticks and grunge 90's makeup, now .... it's not autumn! However i've been into darker colour shades and hopefully you'll get to see them!

1-Kylie Jenner lip kit,
Now, this is my absolute favorite at the moment, Candy K is a really lovely colour however the price with sipping is £30. Pricey!! the DUPE for it is the Rimmel London Kate moss in the colour 45, and they don't really have a difference but 45 is a lipstick and kandy k is a liquid lipstick, they still do the job which should be fine! The biggest difference is that you save over £25! The kate moss lipstick you can get from superdrug, boots, (I got mine from Lloyds Pharmacy)- where i live they have a makeup stamd. practically anywhere with a makeup stand. And you can go back to the store to check when you can only order online for the Lip kit.

2- Nars in Scarlett Empress,
Nars being the 'high end' brand is quite expensive, however you can save A TON of money when you can just go into boots and pick up a lipstick for under £6. comparring to the £20 lipstick you would have to spend on from Nars. The formula for lipsticks can be quite similar but if you want to get the perfect creamy texture i'd reccomend nyx lipstick's as they are only £4 and really good forumla. We've never had nyx here in the UK so they only just come into the drugstore's (Ulta if you live in the USA) and it is always worth giving something a chance.